100 Word Challenge …’when did it arrive?’ I said

This week my goal is to not start all my sentences with the letter “I”.

My heart was pounding as I frantically searched for a car park.  I was running very late to pick up my grandparents and there were no car parks. I finally found a car park on the top level.  I ran into the terminal and they were nowhere in sight.

“Has flight Q-4387 come in yet?” I asked.

“It came in before, but you might be looking for flight  Q-4386 which comes in tomorrow,” she said.

I looked at the ticket and it said that their flight was Q-4386!

6 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge …’when did it arrive?’ I said

  1. That’s an awesome piece ( although it would have been more awesome if it was real, but anyway). Was that really 100 words, it seemed less some how. I really liked the way you made the character seem surprised at the end, even though you didn’t say surprised, i felt like the character might have been surprised by the change from economy class to business class.

  2. Hamish,
    How lovely to hear you reading this wonderful piece- I could hear how frantic you would have felt.
    You use expressive and precise vocabulary to paint the picture of that airport panic that I know all too well!
    I loved how you set yourself a goal that shows you have been paying attention to your previous entries. I think you might want to go even further next time and try a whole new type of writing like a newspaper report, a poem or a description. During this term maybe try to write in as many different styles as possible rather than always keeping to first-person narratives (where you make the main character ‘I’)
    Keep up the awesome work,

  3. That was a really good story. I like how you set yourself a goal and you made an audacity file. Maybe you could start a few less sentences with ‘I’. Really good idea though.

  4. I think you did achieve your goal to not use “I” all the time that was intense did you find your grandparents in the end?

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