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The elephants started their journey towards the watering hole. They thumped their way through the jungle. They were so strong that you could see their bones pushing down on the earth. Eventually one of the elephants stopped and ate from an avocado tree. The elephants marched towards the watering hole full of seahorses and purple fish.  The elephants powered on towards the sunset. As they arrived at the watering hole, they lowered down their large trunks and drank the water. The elephants had finished their journey and just as they arrived they left, leaving a cloud of dust behind them.



I walked onto the roller coaster. The wind pushed me forward. When I was seated we took off racing down hills, through tunnels and even underground. My tummy squirmed as we did a full loop the loop and when I heard the metal wheels grind to a stop, I was just about ready to pass out. As I turned my head, the world spun and I lost my footing and collapsed in a heap. I woke up to blinding lights and the sound of a machine beeping. A doctor appeared in my vision and explained what had happened. I didn’t know roller coasters could be so dangerous.


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Addison’s Blog:

Hi Addison,
This is a great 100wc. I love how you started off the piece with a question. I also liked how you made it like the dominoes had lifted out of the ground and were actually robots.
Well Done!
Hamish C

Zehra’s Blog;

Hi Zehra,
Great piece of writing! I liked the description you used. One thing you could work on is your punctuation but other than that it was a great 100wc.
Hamish C

Dalia’s Blog:

Hi Dalia,
Great 100wc! I loved how you used all of the five words in a great way. One thing you could work on is your capital letters but other than that this is a great 100wc.
Well done!
Hamish C

Liv’s Blog:

Hi Liv,
Great 100wc! The story tied in very well with the prompt. I also liked how you gave the character emotions and described everything well.
Hamish C

100wc Haiku Poem

The Domino Effect

A domino fell

It knocked the next one over

Down they all fell now



The determination to drop

More dominoes fall


They were truly big

How would the falling subside?

Would they hurt someone?


They continued on

Nothing could stop them falling

Where have they come from?


Finally they stopped

People stopped seeking shelter

There was now silence


Who had caused this thing?

It was a bad accident

A one time event

Whatever has happened?




“Open your eyes!” said my Dad and I immediately did as he said. I looked straight at the table and saw an old, grey hat. Why was that hat on the table? This was meant to be my birthday present and all I got was one old, dusty hat. “Is this mine?” I asked sheepishly. “Yes, this has been in the family for hundreds of years and has the power to make you invisible when you wear it.  This is a one of a kind and is very valuable, but you can only use it in emergencies.” Suddenly we heard a thud coming from the front door.


100WC Rose Scooter Excitedly Transparent Late

I excitedly sped past the rose bushes in front of parliament house in Canberra, Lake Burly Griffin speeding past me. It was starting to get late and strangely the lake was turning transparent. Suddenly I was able to see a fish. I made a sharp turn and started heading towards where I last saw its glittering scales. However my scooter suddenly ran over a stick and I tumbled towards the lake. My hands frantically fidgeted for the off switch. The lake made a huge splash noise as I descended into the deep, invisible lake.


100 wc

“Prepare for landing,” I yelled to my team mates. We were on board the Space X  Falcon 9 and we were heading to a new planet. We had been flying for over a year and finally we would be exploring this new planet. Plummeting towards the ground at thousands of kilometres an hour with fiery rocks flying past us, I was anxious. Suddenly with a smash we landed. I put on my space suit and slowly opened the door. Outside there was a vast jungle full of trees and even a creek. In the middle were some hooded figures with fangs and they were all staring at me with displeasure.

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100 WC … I was so cross that …

“Go!” yelled the adults. I was competing in an Easter egg hunt and it was about 40 degrees outside. I raced to a bush and just underneath it was a large chocolate egg. “Yes!” I thought. “I had found my first Easter egg.”  Suddenly I remembered that I had accidentally left my basket at the starting line.  There was no time to get it.   I had to put the egg into my pocket. Suddenly the siren rang which signalled the end of the hunt.  I reached into my pocket, but I was so cross that my one and only Easter egg had melted!


Robinson Crusoe Book Review

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Author: Daniel Defoe

Rating: 5/5

First Published: 25th of April 1719

Genre: Historical Fiction

Set in the early 1700’s in England,  this short novel is about a 16 year old boy who has always wanted to go to sea. One day he goes against his parents’ will and boards a cargo ship heading to Africa. He gets attacked by pirates and then gets ship wrecked by himself on a desert island with only a few supplies and no contact with home.

The main characters are Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday which you will learn more about when you read it. There is also Rosie a dog and many other animals.  I could say more, but I don’t won’t to spoil the book.

On the island he builds rafts, grows plants and learns how to survive with limited resources.  This book has an important message which is to always listen to your parents’ advice.   In this book, Robinson Crusoe goes against his parents’ wishes and heads out to sea.  It also makes you be more grateful about what you have and not just take things, like running water, for granted.  The book creates a picture about what it is to live without day to day basic things.

It is a really exiting and interesting text and has many messages. Daniel Defoe always makes you wonder what’s going to happen next and it was very hard to put the book down. I enjoyed this book immensely and I would recommend it to anyone who likes historical fiction and adventure stories from the age of about 10 and above.  I recommend a higher age group because there are some scenes with some scary ideas like death and also cannibals.  I strongly recommend this book and I rate it 5/5 stars.

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“Ding!” my coins hit the pavement and rolled down the drain. I had to get it back because it was all the money I had and I wanted to buy a bar of chocolate with it.  I removed the grill of the drain. Red dust and grime came off everywhere! Just as I was about to get it, the coin started sinking even deeper into the rubbish.  There was even an old, discarded snakes and ladder board there.  I stuck my hand in deeper.  My fingertips just touched a coin, but I accidentally pushed it even further into the drain. “I was never going to get it!”