Cool Fish And Evil Master Mind Fish Chapter 1


“Chill out dude!”said Cool fish to the fish he had just beaten at poker.  I’m going to pollute the sea because you beat my friend!’’ said Evil master mind fish.


Cool fish Jumped in his motor bike with flames painted on it and the side car. “See you suckers” he yelled back at them.


He crept on riding but suddenly “boom went a pollution bomb as it hit the ground in from t of him! The pollution hit his lungs   and sent him gasping for air.





Alice Dreaming

It was so cool! There was neon lights and awsome seating. They really did a god job.


They did not need lines and they knew the play off by heart!!! They even got us some free books on the play. They only had less than 19 actors and they only had to be in all the scenes.


Eveyone loved it and MPPS goot the best seats in the house. One thing they could improve on is maby to make it a bit more easy to understaand the whole parliment thing.


One of the scenes was in the sewer with rats . They were trying to eat alice!


I would recomend it for kids over the age of 15 years of age.

It was made by






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Review by Hamish MPPS

Book Review Template

Introduce the Book – Reuben discovers a pocket watch.  It gives him fifteen minutes of invisibility!

Tell about the book, but don’t give away the ending! – It’s a heart-pounding mystery and adventure all in one.  Who will get the pocket watch next……?

Tell about your favourite part of the book or make a connection – I like how Reuben tries to keep a secret, even from his friends.

Give a recommendation – I recommend this book to people who like the Percy Jackson book series because they have lots of connections and similar themes.



…the water just kept gushing out…100 WC

I was standing in My boat. I was just fishing like normal. I suddenly heard a load sound. The boat was going down fast. I could hear my heart beating fast. The  water was so clear I even saw a fish. I thought about getting it but I knew that i had more in portant matters. The water just kept gushing in I was nearly under. I only had one choice so I leapt out and let down my life boat. I had not learnt how to swim so I used the moter to get to shore.

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I will now be posting attack of the cheese monster about every 2 weeks. I will post up to 2 parts! I hope you enjoy them if you do please comment on what I should do better and what I did well. You can comment by clicking read more and scrol down and you will see all my recent comments on that post.

Attack of the cheese monster part 5

Fred was not happy with the evil master minds. Firstly they stunk and you had to sleep with 4 per bed. They had a plan to make a shrinker machine that would turn all the police in the world into the size of ants. That means they could not send them to jail. To make it they needed a cheese monster that theres only one in the world and that is Fred. They need one to sit inside a cube for 100 years! Find out next time and please comment!