BTN Mars Experiment

Facts: In America there is a huge dome that is set up to simulate the conditions of what it is like living on Mars. The scientists have to stay in that dome for a whole year and they are not allowed out. They have to eat the same food and even breath the same air the whole time!

Questions: Where is the dome?

How big is the Dome?

What does it look like inside the Dome?

Summary: I now know what it would be like living on Mars and where they can simulate it on Earth.


100 WC Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

The yellow brick wall was flying past me as I ran away from a huge gorilla. The gorilla had escaped from the local zoo and it was on the run. I was running pretty fast, but suddenly the gorilla barely grabbed me. “Why did this have to happen to me?!” I thought. It had happend right next to a truck shop and I rolled under a big truck. I waited there for about fifteen minutes and then when I finally saw the gorilla go away I rolled out from under the truck and ran all the way home.


My school Captain speech

Hi, my name is Hamish and I would like to represent you as one of the 2019 school captains.

I believe I have a lot of good qualities needed to be a great school captain.  I am a very organised and responsible person, traits which are very important for a school captain who has to organise and lead the SRC. For example, I always do my homework early in the week so I don’t have do it at the last minute.   As vice-captain of the inter-school AFL team this year, I was responsible for getting out all the equipment and setting up the training drills. That really helped our team improve.

I think it’s also important for a school captain to be a responsible person and able to commit their time to the position.   I have gone to almost every school working bee in my own time on weekends.  I also practised for Tournament of Minds outside of school hours.  Another example of my ability to commit and focus to a goal is my saxophone playing.  I play the saxophone in the school MVIMP program and out of school, I practise most days and also attend an hour lesson each weekend to work towards music exams. This has really helped me improve my organisational skills (as well as my saxophone playing!).

If I was voted in, I would always make sure your opinion matters and your ideas can help improve this already great school.  I always treat people fairly and nicely which is very important for a leader.

I also like public speaking. The role of school captain requires lot of public speaking like announcing awards and upcoming events as well as welcoming people visiting our school.

Being school captain would be a very good chance for me to improve my own leadership skills and represent this wonderful school. If I was elected, I will always undertake my duties responsibly, go to meetings and represent you and the whole school. I will always listen to you and value your opinions as they matter strongly. I will continue to treat people with respect, as it is one of our most important school values.  I hope this speech has made you consider why I believe you should elect me to represent you in 2019.


100 WC … because I said so…

“Ring” went the bell as it sounded for the end of the last period. I grabbed my bag and ran home. As I got home, I raced up the stairs and threw my bag down in the corner of the room and sat down on my bed and played video games. I had three assignments I had to complete and they were due the next day. Suddenly my door burst open and my mum came inside

“Why aren’t you doing your homework?!” she asked me.  “Because I said so” I replied. I kept on playing until twelve at night and I fell asleep. I would get in so much trouble the next morning I thought.


BTN Our home in space

Did you know that there has not been any other life found in the universe except on Earth? Earth has the best climate and has the most water out of all the planets in our solar system.  The biggest planet in our solar system is Jupiter which is more than 300 times bigger than Earth. Two questions I have about this video is i): What is the smallest planet in our universe and ii): When will the sun blow up? This video has taught me a lot about why Earth is the best planet for us to live on.


BTN Mars Mission

This video was about how Nasa launched a rover on the surface on Mars. The rover had to travel 6 months to get there and had seven minutes to slow down before it landed. If the rover failed it would have wasted over two million dollars. The landing by rover has helped us all have a better understanding of what is on Mars and if there are any life forms there.  Canberra played a big part in the landing, receiving signals to a radar dish in Canberra. Two questions I have is i: How big is the rover? ii: When will the next one land? This video has taught me a lot about how and when Nasa sends rovers to Mars.


BTN The Ancient Study of Astronomy

People a long time ago were also interested in the solar system and all the stars above our planet just like us. A Roman citizen in ancient Egypt (when it was in control of the Romans) thought that earth was in the centre of the universe. That was later proven wrong. The system he created was called the Ptolemaic system. Another country, Babylon was also interested in the solar syste.  Theyrecorded volumes of research about the solar system.  Two questions I have about this video is i) what did the early civilisations use to observe the stars and ii) who was the first to work out the sun is in the middle of the solar system? After watching this video I now know who in ancient times studied our solar system and what they thought and discovered.


100 wc …it reminded me of a time when…

“Vroom” went the motor as we sped up the Yarra River. The floor was vibrating and you could see lots of different species of fish swimming around the boat. We were not wearing  life jackets because the boat was so big and this reminded me of the time in Vietnam when we were on a boat in a river in Hoi An. It was raining and the lady did not give us any life jackets. We did the boat ride for half and hour and it was amazing watching the fish swim around us.


100wc Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky

As Jack walked into class he was reprimanded by his teacher. He was late and had not completed his homework. His teachers face was all scrunched up and was turning into a dark shade of Mauve. The teachers face looked almost like an alligator. Jack knew he would get detention. He suddenly saw an open window and ran towards it. Jack knew that climbing the window would be tricky. He grabbed hold of a loose brick and lifted himself up closer to the window. He climbed through the window and got out. Then he started running and running until he got home.