Reflection of 2018 (Year 5)

I have had a great year this year and have also had really had a good time in learning as well lots of incursions and excursions. One of the highlights of this year was the Pt challenge. We had to race around moreland to answer questions and visit different locations.  I have really enjoyed this year that most of our work is on computers because it can save heaps of paper and you can access  heaps of online resources. We have also changed the way we learn maths by learning about how we solve the problem not just what the answer is. That way we know why it’s a certain answer and we can use that knowledge to help us answer questions like it.  That has really helped our understandings of maths and we have also started using Microsoft© one note. That gives a more visual way of working because we can draw arrows and insert pictures. I believe next year should be like this year because learning has been clearer and we have been able to access lots of different online resources.


100 wc

I ran down stairs towards the Christmas tree.  I hoped I had behaved this year. The clocked ticked over from 7:59 to 8:00. My parents should be awake I thought.  I went back upstairs to my parents bedroom. They were not there. Suddenly memories came flooding back to me about how we had  to leave early to go a Christmas lunch. How had I forgotten?, but on the good side I got to open all the presents myself. This had turned out to be the best morning in the world.


My Eddison Protocode

First it drives off the breezeway for 10cm. The parachute will deploy and it will land on the ground. When it hits the ground it will wind up the parachute. Then it will drive around randomly and if it sees an obstacle it will stop drive back, turn and try again. That would simulate it plotting a course around big rocks. It will complete the last bit of code forever.


100 WC … but they were exhausted…

I fell to the ground,

My mouth made a sound,

I  was bound to fall in,

I nearly drowned,

I started to kick around,

I woke up and there was a mess around,

All I wanted to do was get off the ground,

Out the window I saw a parade ground,

Where there was children playing around,

I ran outside to have a look around,

But all I could see was a play ground,


They wanted to hang around but they were exhausted,



BTN Slam Poetry

Facts. This video was about a Australian child who is one of the best slam poets. He writes his poems about mostly mostly about environment but also writes about other topics. He is Australia’s youngest winner in slam poetry competitions.  He thought he was the only person doing but he went on to you tube, there were hundreds of other people who are also interested in it.

Two questions I have is I: How many people write slam poetry and II: How long does slam poetry have to be?

After watching this video I now know that there are lots of children that do slam poetry and what slam poetry is.


100wc … we seemed to be on the television…

Goal: This week I want to use more

I was running down the street suddenly the red traffic light started to flash. “Should I run now?” I thought. I ran across the road suddenly the light turned red. Cars swerved to get around me. Cars were all smashed up and some were tipped over sideways. I ran all the way home. If any one found out I would be in heaps of trouble. At home I sat down with my mum and started watching TV. A news break came on and showed me creating a huge accident by running across the road. My mum yelled at me “What have you done!”


BTN Humans in Space

This video was about all the different humans that have ever been in space. Did you know at the start of the 1960’s the space race began between Russia and the USA. Russia got the first human into space but the USA got the first manned space flight to the moon. Now virgin galactic wants to send commercial space flights so passengers can experience what it is like in space.

Two questions I have about it is I: When will the next moon landing start and II: When will commercial space flights start.

This video has made me learn about when humans have gone into space and when the space race started.


100 Word Challenge

I was cycling so fast down the hill. My breaks were screeching as I tried to slow down. It wasn’t working. I was going to smash into a huge tree. I had just gotten a new bike for my birthday so I went to the hill on the top of street to test it out. Suddenly I felt the front wheel of my bike hit the tree and I was thrown off my bike… I could hear sirens in the back round and a medic was shaking my hand to see if I was awake. “Why did this have to happen to me!?” I thought.


BTN Mars Experiment

Facts: In America there is a huge dome that is set up to simulate the conditions of what it is like living on Mars. The scientists have to stay in that dome for a whole year and they are not allowed out. They have to eat the same food and even breath the same air the whole time!

Questions: Where is the dome?

How big is the Dome?

What does it look like inside the Dome?

Summary: I now know what it would be like living on Mars and where they can simulate it on Earth.


100 WC Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty

The yellow brick wall was flying past me as I ran away from a huge gorilla. The gorilla had escaped from the local zoo and it was on the run. I was running pretty fast, but suddenly the gorilla barely grabbed me. “Why did this have to happen to me?!” I thought. It had happend right next to a truck shop and I rolled under a big truck. I waited there for about fifteen minutes and then when I finally saw the gorilla go away I rolled out from under the truck and ran all the way home.